Sunday, December 27, 2009

We are a Non denominational Church

We, at Universal Life Church of Divine Intervention, have a music ministry where we visit, by invitation, many different denominations of churches to spread the gospel through our music. We have numerous songs that we have written to praise our Father. Our pastor and leader, Rev Bert Calderon, was born into the Jewish Faith and has since accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ, as his Messiah and Savior.

We partake in many of the old scriptural teachings and laws, however, we also accept the New Testament teachings as well.

We have affiliations with a number of churches and ministries such as:

Lighthouse Church in Pelham, Ga
Soldier's Cross in Pelham, Ga
Assembly of God in Pelham, Ga
Church of God in Camilla, Ga
Lifesprings Church in Moultrie, Ga
Assembly of God near Beachton, Ga
Ask Ministries in Lake Worth, Fl
Fresh Fire Ministries in S. Carolina and Canada
as well as many other churches and ministries

Our beliefs are for the good of mankind as we strive for unification of all races, color, and creeds.

We host many types of ministry projects such as:

Food assistance
Housing Guidance
Family and individual Counseling
Financial Consultation
Reentry into Society assistance
Resume assistance
Community Service assistance
Guidance in many life and spiritual areas
Coping Skills

We also assist in publishing poetry and writings to encourage new writers to be read and have their thoughts exposed to numerous people through our affiliateds web sites and e mail lists.

Our leader is Rev Bert Calderon, who was ordained in 2003 by the Universal Life church in Modesto, Cal. Since that time he has tried to begin fulfilling his goals that Father has Called upon him to accomplish. A self starter, always willing to share his life experiences to those in need, He has assisted numerous individuals and family with regaining a foothold into society and reinforce their commitments and understanding of the Word.

Dedicated and professional, we are proud that he is guiding our flock. His musicakl talent and expertise are becoming more well known as he continues to spread the word through songs as he is guided by the spirit.

Please continue to follow our blog and affiliated sites.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Universal Life Church of Divine Intervention, Inc ( a Ga non profit organization)
Rev Bert Calderon
354 Dechene Dr
Thomasville, Ga 31792
229 364-7129